Satya Ray

Ecom Head: Gati

Satya Ray, Product Head – Ecommerce & GFS with Gati is responsible for driving Gati’s vision of being the most preferred e-commerce logistics & fulfilment company in India. Prior to starting this second stint with Gati Satya was the WTD & CSMO of Essdee Aluminium Limited, one of the largest packaging company in India. He has previously worked with Gati, heading the Sales & Marketing of the western zone and subsequently was the Regional Sales Manager for Safexpress. Satya is a management graduate from the University of Pune.


Gati Fulfillment Services

Kohinoor Continental

Crossborder: Approaches for Expanding Abroad (B2B, B2C, Marketplaces, etc.,)

The Lalit

The buying and selling of goods and services between countries, with the seller being in one country and the buyer in the other country is a definition we all know  In today’s digital age there are a plethora of opportunities in Cross Border Trade for Merchants and Payment Service Providers across B2B, B2C, Marketplaces, etc […]

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