Miten Mehta

Co-Founder & Advisor: Spinta Accelerator, Inc

Miten Mehta is Co-Founder of Spinta Global Accelerator, HQ out of Fremont, CA, that delivers ‘Silicon Valley Acceleration Model Out-Of-Box’ for start-ups and Enterprise in verticals of HealthTech, EdTech, FinTech, & HighTech segments, to help them bring their innovative products and services faster to the market.

He has co-founded four successful start-ups, including three in Silicon Valley, USA – Spintaccel, KloudData, eComLive (InfoSpace) and MoConDi (MobileMedia) in London, UK. Miten has been an investor / advisor to iPsh (Omnicom), JP Mobile (Good) Cronus Ventures, PlaySpan (Visa), WaveMF, Hubilo, Strike, Chatur Ideas, eShiksha, MarketPulse and AngelLab among others. Miten served as consultant & non-exec director on board of 63 moons Technologies from Nov 2014 to Dec 2016.

Miten is passionate about mentoring & investing in start-ups that super specialize in application of AI & Deep Learning, Virtual & Augmented Reality, 3D, Robotics & IOT, BigData& Predictive Analytics and BlockChain Technologies that leverage SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) infra stack, to create tangible value for users and deliver social impact for community.

His proven P&L leadership has led to successful scaling of businesses, delivering consistent growth, driving relentless innovation and creating enduring value for customers in fast growing hyper-competitive markets by building & nurturing high functioning, vibrant cross-functional global teams.



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