Harish Bahl

Founder & Chairman: Smile Group

Harish is the Founder & CEO of Smile, a leading consumer internet and media platform based out of India. He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey as a bulletproof carmaker and went on to instituting a digital media company, which he sold to WPP later.

Some of his notable undertakings and market first initiatives include playing the role of an international lead at AirBnB and co-pioneered the largest Indian digital media group, Smile Vun Group
In the year 2009, Harish was accredited with the Udyog Rattan and was also awarded the Best Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011.

Founded in 1999, today Smile is creating India’s largest consumer & media platform via the build, invest & partner route.
The group’s flagship ventures include:
• Consumer Commerce: Investments include Wealthy, Rapido, Yumlane, Quifers, Near, Little Eye Labs, HackerEarth, and WeAreHolidays
• Consumer Media: SVG Media, Quasar/Prodigi (exit to WPP), SQUAD
• Partnerships / JVs with International companies: Airbnb, Unlockd, NeoOgilvy, Comscore

Harish loves travelling, exploring new destinations and is a true food connoisseur at heart! He is in complete admiration of the bustling startup space and enjoys mentoring budding entrepreneurs and founders.