Ajay Kelkar

Co-Founder: Hansa Cequity

Mr Ajay Kelkar has extensive experience in business &marketing across consumer goods, retail and the banking sector. He has a combined business experience of over 25 years across Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Shopper’s Stop, and HDFC Bank.
Over the last 10 years, Ajay has in partnership with the Hansa group set up a unique Customer marketing company called Hansa Cequity. The team has built up a strong profitable business based on Analytics & CRM. This has been a unique entrepreneurial experience of creating a profitable venture from scratch.
Ajay is the Co- founder of Hansa Cequity, a company that helps its client’s build empowered customer relationships. Hansa Cequity helps design engaging customer experiences by leveraging customer information using analytics, technology & marketing communication solutions. Hansa Cequity leverages the power of marketing databases, customer intelligence & insights and marketing automation applications, using best in-class customer marketing processes, to maximize marketing results for their clients. Thereby, help their clients get better return on their marketing investments (ROMI).
In his stint as Head of Marketing for Shoppers’ Stop (one of India’s leading Department store retail chains), Ajay was responsible for creating a unique & vibrant loyalty program called First Citizen which is a unique Indian case study on loyalty marketing. Ajay was also responsible for creating a hugely successful Customer Experience strategy for Shoppers’ Stop which culminated in a unique 3 month festival called 7 Wonders of the world which delivered large increases in footfall & ticket size. Ajay was an active member of the Intercontinental group of department stores(IGDS) and was invited by IGDS to share his experience for a variety of Retail conferences.
Post that for about 5 years, Ajay was the Chief Marketing Officer at HDFC Bank, where he led the bank’s marketing team on the pioneering path of data-led marketing analytics. The bank executed a unique data based strategy based on automating the bank’s marketing environment and this led to huge improvements & ROI  in cross sell and up sell rates. HDFC Bank was in fact the first bank in India to automate its entire Marketing processes for Cross sell by bringing in, the Gartner top quadrant solution Unica, and successfully increasing the products held per customer by a substantial number.
Ajay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering from UDCT with additional qualifications in MBA from IIFT, one of India’s premier schools.
Ajay is a regular blogger & regularly writes about Analytics & data led marketing.
You can go to his blog at http://hansacequity.com/ajayblog/