Aditya Awasthee

Angel Investor & Mentors: Startups

My professional journey of close to decade+ is interspersed with corporate as well as entrepreneurial adventures. Where at every stage in my career I have worked hard to challenge the status quo. With support from encouraging bosses and from family I have been able to test both the limits of my endurance and the patience of those around.

Needless to add that in most cases the outcomes have been satisfactory to all.
I have often attempted to balance the journey by ‘ Loving what I did’ & ‘ Doing what I loved’ which is why most part of the all the years have been extremely enjoyable while being extremely challenging.

Having moved across industries – FMCG , CDIT, Banking to Luxury/ Lifestyle retail to Venture Investment the learnings have been both insightful and phenomenal. I must add that every industry had its own set of challenges and issues and deep diving to understand the finer nuances was both time consuming and challenging. My greatest learnings however came from my failures as also working with your professional and entrepreneurs.
With an agnostic bent of mind, I set out to chart my own destiny with the belief that the concept of God was akin to a straw in the hands of one drowning, the ray of last hope.
I could not have been more wrong.

Having worked in MNCs / leading corporate for more than a decade( at leadership roles) , also now fairly networked in the StartUp ecosystem for last 3.5-4 years.