Crossborder: Approaches for Expanding Abroad (B2B, B2C, Marketplaces, etc.,)

The Lalit

The buying and selling of goods and services between countries, with the seller being in one country and the buyer in the other country is a definition we all know  In today’s digital age there are a plethora of opportunities in Cross Border Trade for Merchants and Payment Service Providers across B2B, B2C, Marketplaces, etc as borders are being broken globally.

Some of the key takeaways to discuss:

  • Key Guidelines to look for while engaging in cross-border trade (B2B, B2C, Marketplaces)
  • What are the proper steps to expand a brand’s presence abroad – which market first?
  • Does a brand/retailer look for partners or directly expand
  • What are the logistics and delivery options in each country

Main Stage